Pricing Explained

Party Bus Pricing is a delicate subject. Most people that call want the absolute most affordable price that we can give and although that makes sense, we need to explain a few things about party bus pricing. Portland Party Bus bases all of our prices on a few factors. The number one consideration is the day of the week, number two is the time of day, number three is the amount of people that will be transported, and lastly, the amount of hours the vehicle will be rented for.

Generally Sunday is our most affordable day with Saturday being our most expensive. This means that if you have any wiggle room at all in terms of your planning, it would be a very good idea to switch your day if you were originally thinking Saturday. That kind of move will definitely save you some money. Normally, we have a six hour minimum rental requirement. But we do have special packages for day trips which are for 3.5 hours. Also, keep in mind that if you split the cost between everyone who will be rising with you, the price becomes much more manageable.

It is really important when talking about pricing that you consider the value that you will be receiving. And there is no doubt that when you consider what kind of entertainment features are available on our party buses, a very high value is what you will be receiving. In addition, our operating principles are much different than most companies. We do not believe in trying to squeeze every last dollar out of our customers. We are careful with our pricing structure and we are flexible in terms of passing along savings to our customers. For instance, if the price of gas plummets, we will adjust our rental prices to reflect such a drop so that you also benefit from the change. We also do not believe in hidden fees so when our agent gives you a price, you can count on that price never changing. And the prices that we quote include the tip.

When it comes to picking out the perfect vehicle for your event, our agents are experts. We promise to never upsell you. Now, at the same time, we want you to be comfortable and have the best time possible so there is a balance. For instance, if you have 28 people, the minimum sized vehicle you can use is a 28 passenger but we actually suggest 30 or more so you don't feel like everyone is squeezed too much. However, if a few people fall off of your list for any reason and you only need a 24 passenger vehicle, we will do everything we can to get you into the smaller vehicle so that you can greatly reduce your costs. Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents today and talk about the possibilities. We will never try and force you into making any kind of decision, but we can at least get a quote to you and then the decision is up to you.

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  • Be ready with the following:

  • -Pickup and drop off location

  • -The number of people and the number of hours

  • -The type of vehicle you want to use

  • -The date and time that you require service
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